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BG Blinds

In the BG Blinds system the Blind is enclosed between the two glass panes of our BG Units.

This means the blind is maintenance and cleaning free whilst still offering the privacy of a standard blind and in a range of colours and styles.

  • Free from Cleaning 
  • No risk of Damage 
  • Maintenance Free 
  • Long Life & Durable 
  • Guarantees Privacy

Venetian Blinds
As with the Pleated Cord Operated Blind, the Venetian Blind is designed with the rotational frontal magnetic control, for raising and tilting the blind within a double glazed unit hence not comprimising the seal of the unit.

These magnets have an unlimited life and are resistant to high temperatures.

The venetian blind is available as a vertically operated blind as a cord operated unit.

The Cord isused to raise and lower the blind as well as to tilt the slats inside the unit.

Pleated Blinds
As with the cord operated venetian blinds the cord operated pleated blinds are only able to operate vertically.

The pleated blinds are completely solid.

The Hand Operated Blinds have the advantage of being able to operate both horizontally & sloping as well as vertically like the cord operated.

This makes it possible to use on a conservatory roof, for example.

For size and colour options please contact us.

BG Blinds
BG Blinds
BG Blinds
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