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Clear Glass

Clear Glass (or Float Glass as it is also known) comes in a variety of thicknesses:

  • 3mm
  • 4mm
  • 6mm
  • 8mm
  • 10mm  

Larger thicknesses available on request.

We have a supply of 3mm, 4mm, 6mm & 10mm in stock.

4mm is considered the standard glass. Used in double glazed units and a lot of single glazed windows.

3mm glass is generally used in very old windows that do not have a rebate to hold 4mm glass. It is also often used in furniture items.

6mm glass is often used for shelving and table tops. It is also used in doors in small panes when it can be used instead of safety glass (in compliance to the building regulations).

Larger thicknesses are generally used for shelves, tables & Glass Balustrades.

All of these types of glass can be drilled, polished & arrised.

Clear Glass
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